This is the story of how I set up my tea and coffee heaven

Oh the sweet aroma:

So, you want to start a business revolving around tea and coffee? Good choice we say! The two things that quite turns me on especially on a dull and lifeless day when I am disillusioned and cranky are, no not alcohol but tea and coffee.

Alcohol has never been my kind of drink:

I fail to understand that if tea and coffee can be do so much for our health and our well being and also lift us up on a maroon day, why do people resort to drinking wine? I mean, tea and coffee can do the trick and way better!

Okay, let me confess:

I was addicted to drinking and was also diagnosed to have an alcohol abuse problem. That was in the late nineties. I was in a rehab for a couple of months. It was after that I wanted to settle down in life with something like a business that I could call my own. Let me tell you that my wife and mother were highly skeptical about me opening a shop because my precious business endeavors had miserably bombed and my work profile and commitment at them were not so impressive either.

But I was persistent:

I knew I had a bad past but I wanted to put the pas behind and begin anew. I had done a lot of research on beginning a tea and coffee business from There was something in me telling me this time I would not allow myself to fail.

More than the exotic inventory:

To become a successful entrepreneur for tea and coffee you need something more than the exotic and flavorful herbs and beans. You need to first be a connoisseur of tea and coffee. This I earnest believe because only a person who is convinced of the power of a product in bettering his life can convince others to buy his product.

My first brush with tea:
As soon as my rehabilitation got over, I wanted to break free from my pat memories. I had thought about going to India on a spiritual trail when I was a young boy.  Now I wanted to do it even more. It could serve as a break away from the routine and help me focus on my life again.

My first tea was in India:
I landed in a city called Chennai erstwhile what was called Madras in Southern India. The first whiff of aroma that I got from a petty shop selling tea on the pavement outside the airport caught my attention. I must have been hungry because the aroma really beckoned me to try it. I had been given sound advisories from friends, family and also the embassy to be extremely careful about eating and drinking outside from the roadside but I don’t know what got into me and to started craving for a cup.