Our Services

Do you want to start a business in tea and coffee?
Has it been on your bucket list to have a tea or coffee business of your own? Or would you love to have a quaint coffee shop with the works and the fancies? Or would you like to have books around for that cozy nook and the soothing mood lighting to make sure you double up the place for romantic dates and anniversary parties?
The sky is the limit:
If you thought that the most you could do with tea and coffee was that store in the canisters as beverages or sell them from a boring shop counter, you can never be more wrong. There is a world of possibilities that you can do with just these two beverages.
What we do:
If you have the place and the aptitude for tea and coffee to work for you we have just the right kind of ideas for you! We work in tandem with investors and promoters who are keen in developing their property into a small cozy nook or a club or a café.
Thinking out of the box:
Our ideas are queer and funny, even amusing but they are the ones that are tried and tested and those that we guarantee work. Today, the packaging of a product is extremely important and the better the package is the better the chances for it to sell and how!.
The winning partnership:
We agree on the terms and the conditions in the beginning itself. Once the terms are agreed upon we start with conceptualizing the product. Based on the location and the investment potential we come out with a detailed report on what will work best for the client. All this is on us till the client is completely satisfied about the viability of the project.
No upfront fees or royalty:
The idea to partner with us is more attractive because there will be no fees or royalty to be paid to us till the investment is giving out excellent returns. For about a year or till the investment breaks even, whichever is earlier, we shall not expect any fees. Our fees or royalty, whatever is agreed upon in the agreement itself will run concurrently only after the cafeteria breaks even and starts making profits.